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Prairie Swine Centre (PSC) is conducting a research project funded by the Canadian Swine Research and Development Cluster (CSRDC) on the evaluation and development of standards for swine production systems.

The goals of this project are to:

1. Assess the cost/benefit of optimization and standardization of various operational systems in commercial farms;
2. Benchmark systems to determine existing operating efficiencies;
3. Identify gaps and deficiencies in existing standards/ guidelines/ codes, and;
4. Develop recommendations for new or modified standards/ guidelines/ codes.

To implement this project, a national team has been assembled, which includes the following members:

Lee Whittington, BSc (Agr), MBA, Prairie Swine Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bernardo Predicala, BSc, MSc, PhD, Prairie Swine Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Ron MacDonald, BSc, PEng, AMEC, Cambridge, Ontario
Harry Huffman, BSc, PEng, London, Ontario
Franklin Kains, BSc, PEng, Kitchener, Ontario
Françis Pouliot, ing. Centre de developpement du porc du Québec, Québec
Harold Gonyou, BSc, MSc, PhD, Prairie Swine Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Jennifer Brown, BSc, MSc, PhD, Prairie Swine Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Joy Agnew, BSc, MSc, PhD, PAMI, Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Jim Wassermann, BSc, PEng, PAMI, Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Alvin Alvarado, BSc, MSc, Prairie Swine Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Overall, this project aims to: 1. reduce the cost of production; 2. reduce risks and associated costs, and 3. improve the overall profit of Canadian pork producers. The knowledge and recommendations developed from this project will be translated to the farm, providing a competitive advantage to Canadian pork industry.

In this regard, we would greatly appreciate your participation in this 5-question survey, which is aimed at collecting information from various pig production operations across Canada on the problem areas within existing production facilities and the associated standards/guidelines/codes.

The survey is anticipated to take no more than 5 minutes to complete; because it cannot be stopped and saved once it is started, please allocate sufficient time to complete the survey once started.

For more information or if you have any questions about the survey or the study, please see our website (, or contact Lee Whittington at the Prairie Swine Centre by email: or phone: (306) 667-7447.

Please note that all responses will be CONFIDENTIAL and will be analyzed and presented in consolidated form only.
CSRDC Project: Development of Standards for Swine Production Systems
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